St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary School Governing Body

St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary School has a fully committed team of Governors who both lead and support the school in a positive and constructive way and have done so for many years. Governance has always placed the children above politics and personal persuasion and supported the school above all else.

The Role of the Governing Body

* To support the school in meeting the statutory responsibility to provide the best possible education for each individual pupil.

* To be fully accountable to those who establish and fund the school and also to parents and the wider community for the way in which it carries out its functions as a governing body.

* To act at all times in accordance with the requirements laid down in Acts of Parliament and statutory regulations.

* To maintain and develop the ethos and reputation of the school.

* To act with due regard for the well-being of children in supporting the activities of the school.

* To ensure the school’s interests are properly represented at a local and national level wherever and whenever appropriate.

Types of Governor

Foundation: Appointed by and representative of the Bishop of Shrewsbury

Parent: Elected by and representative of parents at the school.

Local Authority: Appointed by and representing the wider perspective of Trafford Council.

Staff: Elected by and representative of staff at the school.


Details of Governing Body 2017-18

Mrs A Toone   Chair
Mrs D Brereton    Vice-chair
Father E Wall   Parish Priest
Deacon A Caffrey   Foundation
Mrs N Gaulton   Foundation
Miss E Giles   Foundation
Mrs A Maree   Foundation
Mrs R Stenhouse   Foundation
Mrs L Faragher   Parent
Mr P Renshaw   Parent
Mr J Hughes   Headteacher
Mrs A Murray   Staff Governor

Governing Body Register of Interests 2017-18